Because we love the Earth and its fruits, all of us at Viña Ventisquero are completely committed to caring for our environment.

Not only do all of our productive processes involve rigorous quality control; they also comply with the strictest environmental protection standards.
Independent auditors have granted us “Certified Sustainable Wine of Chile” status. We voluntarily submitted to this, Chile’s first ever certification exclusively for the wine industry.
Until 2012, this certification only looked at the green area of our work (the vineyards) and Viña Ventisquero was the only winery to have achieved certification for 100% of its vineyards. Now this certification also looks at the red area (the winery buildings) and the orange area (corporate social responsibility).
The Wines of Chile assessment of Viña Ventisquero is that we have shown sustainable management in all the areas involved in winemaking: the vineyards, the winery and corporate social responsibility.
For us, native woodland is a natural resource which should not disappear from our surroundings. So, in our day-to-day work, we take care to maintain as much woodland as possible and to preserve the ecosystem in our vineyards.
We work with a sustainable management plan in our vineyards so as to mitigate erosion, favouring organic products to control pests and diseases and we use controlled watering systems to save water.