Viña Ventisquero begins the 2016 harvestFebruary, 18 2016

The 2016 harvest is now underway at Viña Ventisquero. Last week we began harvesting the first grapes in the Atacama valley and we expect to start picking in the coastal, central and southern areas of Chile within the next three weeks.

“We're anticipating a normal year in terms of the number of kilos and grape quality. The date of harvesting has been brought forward in the north, while in the coastal and central-southern areas, it has been put back because spring was cold with cloudy mornings, and the effects of the peak summer temperatures have not yet been reflected in the grape ripening. We are confident that grape concentration will be fine and will enable us to work well with the 2016 wines," said Felipe Tosso, Head Winemaker at Viña Ventisquero.

Atacama area: We began harvesting the Sauvignon Blanc grapes late last week and this week we expect to pick the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The harvest is two weeks earlier than in previous years because temperatures in the northern area have been higher this season, while the yields have been lower, which should result in high-quality grapes.

Central coastal area: The forecast for this area, which mainly consists of the Casablanca and Leyda valleys, is that the harvest will be delayed by a few days. During spring, low temperatures, a lot of rain and cloudy days meant that the soil was cold, which delayed véraison and consequently the ripening of the grapes.

Central and central-southern area: the grape ripening in the vineyards in these areas, which are mainly planted with red varieties, is around 10 to 14 days later than in an average year. This is because, just like the coastal valleys, this area has been affected by the cold spring, with a good deal of rain and cold mornings resulting in cooler soils. The peak temperatures of the last few months have not yet been reflected in the grape ripening.